Petites annonces

Vous cherchez du travail comme musicien ? Vous cherchez un endroit à louer pendant le Festival de Jazz ? Vous avez un appartement ou une chambre à louer pendant le Festival de Jazz ? Vous voulez vendre votre instrument ou en acheter un ?

Si c’est le cas ou si vous voulez mettre une annonce sur un sujet relatif à la musique, vous pouvez utiliser notre service de petites annonces.

Pour mettre, modifier ou enlever une annonce, contactez-nous.

1er juillet 2005
J'ai deux billets à vendre pour le spectacle de Mark Knoeffler le samedi 2 juillet à 20h00 à la Place des Arts. Contactez Michel au 514-971-2082.

June 29, 2005

Je cherche désespérément 3 billets pour le spectacle de Bobby McFerrin le 2 juillet . Appelez Louis au (450) 224 9346.

June 28, 2005

J'ai deux billets à vendre pour le spectacle de Michael Bublé du mercredi 29 juin, à 20 h 30. Première rangée de la mezzanine, salle Wilfrid-Pelletier.

Pour plus de renseignements, communiquez avec Martine Boyer au (514) 393-4290 jusqu'à 17 h (le mardi 28 juin) ou au (514) 842-9878 mardi le 28 juin en soirée ou durant la journée du 29 juin. Martine Boyer


June 25, 2005

Hi, I'm looking for Bobby McFerrin tickets. If anyone has a pair or even one single ticket for sale, please contact me. Jon.

June 24, 2995

If you are looking for a good jazz singer for special occasions, please feel free to contact me at (514) 762-5636. You can also visit my website at:

June 24, 2005

Great offer. My two big rooms loft on le Plateau to sublet from July 4th to July 25th inclusively at a very friendly price. Please serious inquiries and quiet people only. Please contact me ASAP at

June 21, 2005

3 and a half apartment for Jazz Fest week
I have a 3 and half furnished apartment available for Jazz Fest week and pretty much anytime from now to the end of july. Located downtown. Call or email for more details.
Seymour Huang (514)399-9248

June 21, 2005

Looking to work at Jazz Fest
If there is any opening position to work at Jazz Fest, I would be very  interested in taking it. You can contact me by phone or email.
Seymour Huang (514)399-9248


June 21. 2005

I am looking for two together tickets to Michael Buble at this
years Montreal Jazz festival, either show. Contact  or call David 416 777 2955

June 18, 2005

I am Looking for a musician by the name of Billy Georgette who was recently
on the a Montreal Jazz Festival commercial on CFCF 12 If you are Billy or
know how I may contact him Please send me an email

Thank you for your help


June 14, 2005

Gizmo's Pet Sitting / Garderie pour Animaux
I pet-sit small to medium size dogs, and cats, in my home.  If you would
like to bring your pet on vacation with you to the Jazz Festival,
because you can't leave him at home, I will give special attention to
your pet while you are busy enjoying yourself !

For more info contact me at:


June 14, 2005

I have 4 tickets to 6 p.m. show at the Montreal Jazz festival on Friday
July 1, 2005.

Les Grands Concerts Dave Holland Big Band
Theatre Mainsonneuve
Vendredi 1 Juillet a 18H00

MA Part. T 13,15,17,19

June 13, 2005


Looking for two tickets to TANGO FLAMENCO at this
years Montreal Jaxx festival.. Dates: June 30-July



June 7, 2005

I have 2 tickets I can't use for the Bela Fleck, Jean-Luc Ponty, Stanley
Clarke show on June 30th at 6pm, Theatre Maisonneuve.  The seats are great,
on the floor - O 41 and 43.

The tickets cost me 72$ each (144$ for both), but I will take any reasonable


I can be contacted at

7 juin 2005

J'aimerais acheter 2 billets pour le spectacle de Bobby McFerrin le 2 juillet 2005. Contactez-moi 

Danielle 514.334.9301


May 14, 2005

Hi - I would like to advertise rooms for rent during the montreal summer
festivals. Two rooms are available ranging from 30 to 40 for a single and 40
to 50 for a double. The apartment is a 10 minute walk from the festivites and a
2 minute walk from St. Laurent.

For more information please contact


April 10, 2005

Montreal Jazz/Funk Band ready to perform. Excellent musicians.


October 29, 2004

If anyone out there has a copy of King Chango Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2002 I can pay you a lot for it. Please help me out even if you know where I can get one. Hit me back.